Ashley’s Anything

No no no. Ashley was supposed to be snuggling her living, breathing, crying daughter. Not this.
This was the hardest session I’ve photographed to date. I met this sweet family through a mutual friend and was honored to be their birth photographer. After some complications and early delivery their daughter, Bridget, was called to Heaven too early.
Some (or most) would be continuously grieving, angry, and even questioning God. Not this momma. She hit bottom and cried out to God. “I’ll give you ANYTHING”
When I walked in with my camera, I was a bit nervous to see her. I had never seen a stillborn baby–let alone one so teeny. She was wrapped in a big hospital blanket and appeared to be the size of a typical full-term baby. Until I looked inside. She was swallowed, just under a pound—yet PERFECTLY made. Little eyelashes, perfect fingers and toes, even little teeny hairs.
Watching Ashley’s ministry Bridget’s Cradles unfold has been a true honor. Second trimester losses are provided these cradles to snuggle their babies taken too soon (here at Wesley Medical Center and hospitals in Kansas City… quickly expanding across the country). She has volunteers around the country and WORLD now knitting these cradles for these babes. Not only are these ‘cradles’, but provide support and resources to these families during this heart-wrenching time. Now I photograph for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and see these cradles used far too often (my eyes have been opened to baby-loss for sure). But when a teeny baby is put in the cradle the whole thing changes. It’s a BABY.
Take a moment and read her ‘Birth of Anything’ story. Grab a tissue or two, don’t feel sorry for her, but see what God has done through this trial. ‪#‎Godisgood‬ ‪#‎anythingproject‬!The-Birth-of-Anything-bridgetscradles-anythingproject/c1def/5567c65d0cf298b2d3eddb9c