Anything to Grow My Family

My husband (a Pastor) is a cancer survivor & one of the strongest people I know & love. But due to that fact, we are unable to have biological children. After the Lord healed our hearts after a failed foster-adopt situation (of a teenage boy), we prayed that the Lord would bless us as we moved forward with an international adoption. We embarked on the journey of adopting our 2 sons, Jeremie & Mason, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa in January of 2012. Our sons, now 3.5 & 5, were legally adopted in December of 2012…and they are still stuck there due to governmental bureaucracy. These days are HARD. After visiting them twice and having to leave them, my heart and arms ache with an ache so intense I never thought possible. But I asked the Lord to grow my family, and this is how He led us. So now, I am tasked with doing ANYTHING to bring home my sons. That means a lot of praying, surrender, tears, joy, and WAITING. In this wait, I have asked the Lord to do anything that would make me look more like Him. And I have asked Him to do whatever it takes so He would get the glory and for my sons to come home to their forever family. I am still waiting for some answers to my ANYTHING prayers, but I DO know that God is at work & He is faithful!