ANYTHING in Stormy and Calm Times

Dear Jennie,
I put off reading chapter 20 because I didn’t want it to end! Each chapter I read spoke to me, even answering some questions that I had at the time or gave me comfort. I was amazed at how your words coincided with my life dealings and wrestlings!
You’re a passionate person and that comes through more in the videos. Thank you for their deeper meaning, stories and examples!
ANYTHING is Bold, Loss of Control, Freeing, Trusting, Obeying and Full of Love!
I believe I started to pray this prayer before I read your book thanks to a Tuesday Morning Prayer Group! The deeper I get/release control, the more I have to remind myself to be patient, more loving, content and thankful during life’s storms and calms.
During the study there were so many connections around me…people, songs – “Just a Closer Walk,” “Trust and Obey,” and “The River.” They were reminders to bring me more focused and closer to God.
1Corinthians 10:31 – Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
This is something I strive for each day no matter how ordinary and simple the task. These are the small things that show how well I take care of what God has given me.
I Love how the definitions of Abandon mean more to me now!
The ANYTHING prayer helps me take the hard questioning days with more strength and to see them in a different way and to be more accepting! Not easy! Our lives really do come together by His plan – The Best plan over our lives. I regret that I doubt and question and want control back because situations work out better than I could have hoped without it. I Love losing control – handing it over. My dad taught me throughout his life and these last years with his illness that it’s okay to roll and accept life’s bumps and challenges. We must never forget to enjoy and reflect during that time and move with them!
Sometimes going through the hard stuff you don’t always realize how challenging and heart tugging it is because you are used to the day in and out of it. Friends have to point it out because to you it is a fact of your life and you are pushing through and praising each day.
This book has filled such a huge calmer space in my heart and life! Thank you for speaking and writing!
Love and Blessings,
p.s. My husband is also part of the ANYTHING movement!
Because of ANYTHING our lives and cirucumstances have changed for the better, we are changed and continue to grow and listen deeper and we are realizing some of our dreams and will take them as far as God wants us!