Anything for Heaven

My name is Casey Siegrist and I met Ashley Opliger in November of 2014, after her daughter, Bridget, was buried next to my son, Jack. At the time, I knew we would be wonderful support for each other. We began to walk the journey of grieving and healing together and quickly became wonderful friends. In December, we got together and decorated Christmas trees at the graves for our babies’ first Christmas in Heaven. It was such a beautiful sight to see their Christmas trees twinkling from the solar powered lights we put on them. We knew Jack and Bridget were looking down on their mommies on that special day.

Ashley shared with me the special cradle that was made for Bridget and her vision for a ministry that would provide knitted cradles to families that experience the loss of a baby. It was very apparent at the time that God was working through Ashley to birth this amazing ministry, Bridget’s Cradles. I knew from the first time Ashley told me about this ministry, this would be the second greatest thing I would do with my life (after being a mommy). I truly believe God (with the help of Jack and Bridget) led their mommies to one another because He knew we would be willing to do ANYTHING to keep the memory of Jack and Bridget alive.

Several times I heard Ashley say, “I will do ANYTHING God wants me to do.” At the time, I had no idea how much she really meant that, but it was truly inspirational to me. I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of Bridget’s Cradles and I too was willing to make God’s plan for Bridget’s Cradles my life’s work. I have been a part of Bridget’s Cradles from the very beginning and I am proud to serve as secretary on the Board of Directors. Even through the days of crying uncontrollably, the whys and what ifs, we knew He had a plan for Jack and Bridget’s lives. He quickly showed us what that plan was and has opened doors and paved the way for Bridget’s Cradles to be a nationally known ministry.

Each day we continue to work tirelessly on this ministry, but God is ultimately in charge. We truly believe this is God’s ministry and we are just doing His work. We will continue to do ANYTHING God asks of us and will continue to surrender our lives to providing comfort to families and spreading the hope of the Kingdom of Heaven through Bridget’s Cradles in memory of Jack and Bridget.