What I’m scared of the most is the thing I most try to avoid.

I’m scared of people not liking me.

I know that sound a bit juvenile.

So I write safely, I try to take care of all the possible questions that haters might have before I put out a blog post, I do my best not to be offensive {while I know that there are other people who do their best TO be offensive.}. I change names and places when I’m talking about something very sensitive and lately I’ve been dancing more around the safe and easy-to-write than the things I’m struggling through in my own head and soul.

In essence, I’m scared that people will find out who I really am and what I really struggle with and not like it.

That is my “anything.”

That is the one thing that I still cannot seem to give God.

Yes, I’m scared that my children will die in unavoidable ways before we’ve lived a full life together, that my husband will stop loving me someday or that God might call me to live a life I’m not ready for. I’m scared of all that.

But when it comes down to it, I’m still a plain old girl looking for someone to sit with her at the lunch tables.

  • Tony McCollum

    Sarah, I so appreciate your honesty and authenticity.

  • Mary Bonner

    Sarah, I also appreciate your honesty.  Funny, when I met you my first thought was she is SO confident and I be she never worries about anything. 🙂

    I will always sit at the lunch table with you!

  • debbie Faunce

    love books. thanks for the chance to win!

  • Kathleen Schotel

    My anything is my introversion… It is only because of Jesus that I get out of myself and relate to others.  I am a work in progress =)

  • Michhaynes

    My anything is FEAR. I fear that I will be found out as some fake person. I try hard to let my actions and works speak for me. However, there are times I just don’t want to be helpful, or friendly, or go the extra mile or give 110%. If people realize this, will they still want to be around me? I try giving it up to God on a daily basis and yet there is that little bit of doubt that my fear criples me. I can’t imagine how much greater my life would be without it and how much more I could serve and give.

  • Alicia

    My anything is my “relationship status”. I’m afraid that I’m okay with being single for the wrong reasons. I say I trust God no matter what the future holds, and that I know He is and will be everything to me, but do I really believe that? Or have I just heard so many times “the right man will come along when you stop looking”?

  • LeeW

    My anything is knocking myself out constantly to fill every single minute with tasks, because deep down, I am afraid that I am not enough, that I am not a good enough parent, child, partner, worker, daughter, you name it.  I am utterly exhausted all the time, and even being aware of this, I cannot seem to slow it down.  Because I cannot handle this anything.

  • Writerinct

    My anything is my 11-year court battle over custody of my son. His father was abusive to both me and my son, so it’s been a fight to protect my son from him all these years. I have him warm and safe at home, but still worry daily as my ex relentlessly hounds us. I really need this book. I have to let go of the feeling that I am in control of it anyway, it’s all God. And I know he will protect, and has protected, both me and my son now and into the future.

  • jewelgazer

    My “anything” is telling God I would relocate if that is what is in His plan for me and my family. I hold onto not being willing to move away. It scares me. How would my daughter deal with it? I’d be leaving relatives and friends I have made here. It freaks me out. Yet if I’m not IN God’s plan for me, I’m NOWHERE. I skirt around this “willing to relocate” issue in my prayers. I haven’t given it to Him yet, I confess.

  • Bia

    My “anything” is the fear that I won’t be good enough. In my relationships, in school, in my career and pretty much in every domain in my life. That’s why I think I have to do everything perfectly. Intellectually I know that my Lord is telling me I don’t have to be perfect and I’m not called by Him to be, I am just called to trust Him and believe that He will give me strength and power to do whatever He calls me to be. 
    I am His, and that IS ENOUGH! I am loved by Him and that IS PERFECT! 

  • Katie @simply[his]

    Looking for someone to sit with her at lunch tables… Oh yes. Me too…

  • CJ

    My anything…my oldest son.  My beautiful, 11-year old boy who is as big as most 8th graders, as intelligent as some seniors, but as fragile in spirit as a 2-year old…as timid as a mouse.  I’m scared to death that the decision to divorce his father has changed him in ways he’ll never be able to process and express…that his fears of not being understood are made real by a busy single mom and dad and two younger siblings…that I’m watching him slip further and further away from me and God…

    I’m scared I’m losing my child…and that the others will follow suit.  

  • Tricia Rawlins Jorsling

    I’m scared of alot of things and confused by alot of things and there are times when I get to that place of peace that my God is bigger than all my issues and then I revert to the old thinking and seem to always have to start again,nevertheless i’m encouraged by God’s word that says ” His mercies are new every morning and never despise the day of new beginnings.