A Dream Come True

The last several years have been really tough for me. I lost my Dad, got a divorce, started working outside the home for the first time in forever and was basically disowned by my church. It was a trying time spiritually – I began to question much of what I was taught as a Missionary Kid growing up in Liberia, West Africa. Church attendance became sporadic at best, my circle of ‘friends’ shrunk drastically and I wondered if God might give up on me because of my sin. In the midst of this time, my best friend encouraged me to read Anything. As I read the book and started to pray the Anthing prayer, I began to feel a peace that I hadn’t experienced in years. My heart’s desire has always been to return to Africa, where I grew up and, in some small way, continue the work that my parents did for 40 years. But honestly, I didn’t feel worthy and didn’t believe that God could still use me. Just 3 weeks after I started praying the prayer, I received an invitation to come to work for a local non-profit organization that is building schools in Liberia, West Africa. I was praying for a job that would provide me the finances and the flexibility to be able to go to Liberia for a week or 2 every year. This job not only pays me to talk about Liberia all day long, its part of my job to GO to Liberia 3 or 4 times a year!!! My first trip back ‘home’ will be this October and I will be there for 2 weeks. I can hardly believe it!! It seems too good to be true. I know there will be hardships and, in many ways, this job will take me WAY out of my comfort zone, but I’m ready to see what God has for me. I’m ready to be used by God again and I am infinitely grateful for His Grace and Mercy. (the attached picture is of my parents, my brother and I in Liberia).